How to choose a safe online casino? Assessment criteria

online casino

Contrary to what it may initially seem, playing in a casino is a very important thing that should never be underestimated. After all, what is at stake is a person’s private money and investing it inappropriately may have very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, the player should always be aware of all the threats and even dangers that may be associated with it – especially if someone makes a hasty decision.

Of course, the above-mentioned website meets all standards of safe play, but this is not always the case. In this article, we will discuss several important issues that are worth knowing before playing in an online casino.

Choose only websites operating under a gambling license

online casino

This is a basic rule that should be repeated like a mantra. A safe online casino is only one that operates in accordance with generally accepted standards. You can only be sure if the website has a gambling license. The most popular international documents are:

  • Curacao,
  • Malta Gaming Authority.

In addition, there are local licensors who focus on legal aspects in a given jurisdiction. In Poland, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the license and most countries have designated authorities that issue permits to operate in a given region.

International documents certify that the casino operator has met all standards for safe play, which includes:

  • Reliable games based on a random number generator.
  • Implementation of appropriate personal data protection mechanisms.
  • Solvency and the use of safe transaction methods.
  • Presentation of reliable regulations.

To check whether the casino operates in accordance with the license document, it is usually enough to look at the footer of the website. Creators usually provide information about the current license here, along with its provider and number. You can then go to the licensor’s website and check whether such a license is active. If this is the case, you can be sure that the website operates in accordance with generally accepted standards.

Read all regulations carefully

online casino

When registering an account at the casino, the player receives several documents to sign. Most often, everyone skips them, but it is there that all the key issues regarding the use of the website are described. Of course, if we are talking about a licensed supplier, there is no fraud, but it sometimes happens that there are provisions that the player may not like.

Let’s take a welcome bonus as an example. Most often, it looks like this: the player deposits money, receives the equivalent of the bonus and has twice as much money to play. The bonus part is, of course, always subject to a wagering requirement. If this is the case, then everything is working fine. However, from time to time a promotion’s terms and conditions may include a provision that says “both the deposit amount and the bonus awarded are subject to a wagering requirement.” What does this mean for the player? That he will not be able to freely use the money he used for promotion and will have to spend it first.

Therefore, you should always read the regulations, whether they are general documents regarding the operation of the casino or annexes to the promotions you are using. Sometimes all it takes is a few moments to scan a document.

Remember that controversial provisions do not necessarily mean intention to cheat

Controversial provisions in the regulations are often treated by players as a way to cheat. In reality, however, it may be quite the opposite. Often, provisions such as those regarding turnover are simply a form of protection against dishonest players who could use such a promotion to their advantage. Therefore, you should always approach such issues with a cool head and evaluate from your own perspective.

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