The phenomenon of a welcome bonus in online casinos

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When choosing an online casino – whether website offering games of chance, first check its welcome bonus. Today, no one wonders whether a website of this type offers a starting bonus at all, but rather wonders how attractive it is. Currently, all kinds of welcome bonuses, promotional packages for newly registered users and other forms of these promotions are widely available to everyone. And this makes the player wonder why it is like this and whether it is worth it at all? Or maybe it’s something else?

Why do operators introduce welcome bonuses?

All types of promotions in casinos have one primary goal – marketing. Encourage registration and present the casino in the most accessible form possible. What better way to do this than by giving the player a large cash bonus that doubles their fun?

In this way, on the one hand, the player receives additional money, which will allow him to play the game much longer, and on the other hand, the risk is reduced. After all, half of the money comes from the casino and even if you lose, nothing will happen.

Theoretically, such a bonus should be unprofitable for the casino operator. After all, no one gives away hundreds or even thousands of zlotys to customers just to make them use their services. Of course, there are certain limitations without which such offers would not be possible. These are the so-called terms of use, which we will present in the next section.

Huge bonus offers. Are you sure?

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If someone is naturally suspicious, they will certainly look with surprise at promotional offers that grant 100% or even 200% of the first deposit, up to several thousand zlotys. Of course, it is impossible for there to be no catch, and you should not be surprised or blame the casino operator for introducing one. He simply has to do it so as not to run the risk of losing large sums of money.

Here are the main limitations of online casino bonus offers:

  • The amount depends on the deposit – how much the player deposits is what he will receive. Therefore, to receive a 100% bonus up to PLN 2,000, you must deposit PLN 2,000.
  • The money awarded is subject to a turnover condition. They must be wagered multiple times to be able to withdraw. Example: PLN 1,000 bonus with a 30x condition must be wagered for a total bet of PLN 30,000.
  • Time to redeem the bonus. The bonus amount has a specific validity period. After it expires, the bonus is canceled.
  • The bonus is linked to a specific deposit. Most often the first and subsequent ones (in the case of bonus packages). Therefore, failure to collect it at the specified deposit will prevent further use.

These are the most important conditions worth paying attention to. To learn more detailed information about how a specific promotion works, please refer to the attached offer regulations.

Summary: is it worth using welcome bonuses?

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Promotions are available to everyone and the player voluntarily decides to use them. So the last question remains – do they make any sense at all, or are they just a marketing trick? The answer is not clear, because it should be clearly stated that the chances of winning from the bonus money are really low. Therefore, if someone expects free cash, it is better to skip deposit bonuses.

However, if the player wants to have fun, a bonus will be the perfect solution. The user receives twice as much money for fun, which perfectly fits his needs.

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